Congratulations to all 24 companies

(including many IGI clients) who have been awarded license interests in the 2023 APA Round in Norway.

IGI have supported energy exploration and production in Norway for over 30 years through our integrated geochemistry and basin modelling consultancy, databasing, software and training courses across the North Sea, Norwegian Sea & Barents Sea. We look forward to strengthening these and developing new relationships through maintained O&G exploration and production, whilst continuing to invest in our commitment to Net Zero initiatives.

We are currently working on the latest update of the publicly available geochemical database that IGI are hosting in cooperation with the Norwegian Offshore Directorate (NOD). This will add new data adjacent to some of the awarded areas of this APA license round and grow the already extensive database. The full database contains over 120k samples with geochemical data and can be freely accessed here: https://sodir.igiltd.com/

For more information on how IGI can help provide cost-effective, integrated insights into the petroleum system then please visit our website (www.igiltd.com), or contact: info@igiltd.com.


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