Welcome to the IGI website

IGI: Integrated Geochemical Interpretation.

Established in 1983, IGI Ltd is a petroleum geochemical consultancy and producer of geochemical software.  Operating worldwide, we offer the following services to the petroleum industry:

  • Consultancy: geochemical interpretation and basin & petroleum systems modelling project work
  • Training Courses: a range of training courses on petroleum geochemistry & basin modelling, and field trips
  • Data and Reports: a suite of geochemical databases/reports for various petroleum-producing regions
  • Software: specialist programs for collating, storing, quality assuring and interpreting geochemical data, built to be applicable across a range of scientific application domains

We are continually innovating, and are exploring diversifying into other areas including decommissioning, and other application domains requiring geochemistry expertise, collaborating with other companies where mutual benefit exists.

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