East Coast Canada Geochemical Database

The East Coast Canada Database has been put together using publicly available geochemical data from Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN). These data are available in digital format but require concatenation and manipulation prior to use. IGI has systematically compiled these files into a single p:IGI format geochemical database, adding essential metadata and reference information.

The database comprises data for 57,809 samples from 390 offshore wells, including over 57,009 rock analyses and 256 fluids. TOC content is reported for 49,031 samples with most of these also having additional pyrolysis data. Gas chromatography data are widely available for 1600 samples and maturity data in the form of vitrinite reflectance values are present for 6499 samples. In addition well data, including location and stratigraphy, have been collected and integrated where possible.

The East Coast Canada Geochemical Database is provided with a Well Manager file containing available lithostratigraphy and basic well information for all 390 wells. This allows the user to seamlessly add samples from proprietary or in-house sources to the database, and assign uniform stratigraphy, map coordinates and other well information. The dynamic database automatically updates all plots on sample addition to minimise reaction time between data acquisition and interpretation.

Due to the size of the complete database we are happy to offer subsets of this database for sale if required. If you are interested in this please contact our Database Manager for more information.

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