Eastern Atlantic Oceanic Crust Project

 The report covers the identification of organic-rich intervals potentially associated with Oceanic Anoxic Events; as well as modelling the maturity of possible source rocks penetrated within selected DSDP sites. The project consists of three main elements:

Biostratigraphic interpretation: Updated chronostratigraphy based on new evaluation of biostratigraphic data from 15 DSDP/ODP sites, with identification of Oceanic Anoxic Events and stratigraphic setting of organic-rich intervals.

Geochemical interpretation: The Eastern Atlantic Oceanic Crust geochemical database comprises 7601 samples from 51 DSDP and ODP boreholes, taken from publicly available initial reports and publications. Data types consist of screening data (TOC, Rock-Eval), maturity data (vitrinite reflectance) and stable carbon isotope data. Updated chronostratigraphy for 12 ‘key sites’ has been assigned; other sites use the original DSDP/ODP stratigraphy. The evaluation interprets potential source rock quality and maturity in each borehole (with available data); and identifies key intervals that exhibit the geochemical characteristics typical of an Oceanic Anoxic Event (elevated TOC contents).

Thermal history/maturity modelling: 1-D Basin Models for 8 DSDP sites, assessed for the potential for oil generation. Additional investigation into anomalous heat flow on oceanic crust and a review of heat flow and crustal structure along the West African Margin.

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East Atlantic

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