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Metis is IGI's geochemistry data management solution. Metis was initially developed in partnership with three large energy companies, and provides a unique system for acquiring, quality controlling and managing geochemical data. Metis is now deployed operationally in several clients and used within IGI.

Unlike p:IGI the focus of Metis is corporate data management. Thus the Metis system consists of several components including a centralised, optionally cloud based, database server ('Staging Area') to enable company wide access to your corporate geochemistry data as well as an application to help get data efficiently into the central database.

An overview of the typical Metis data flows.

A key component in the system is Metis Transform, which is a tool developed to facilitate efficient data import, merge and quality control of geochemical data, while automatically capturing provenance data to ensure users can determine the source of data, thus engendering trust. Metis Discover is a map based web application that allows user to find, explore and export the data they need for their specific study or activity.

Data from Metis can be used seamlessly in p:IGI+, but can also be imported to a range of other software including generic applications such as Excel or Spotfire, and more specific software such as basin modelling tools. We are continuing to work on the integration of Metis with other systems, and provide a tailored reporting mechanism to integrate with dashboard like tools, or mapping applications. We are exploring the opportunities presented by the Open Subsurface Data Universe initiative.


Easy access to all corporate geochemistry data using a map based interface, for all users in the organisation.


Support for simple and complex queries to allow users to identify the exact subset of data of interest.


Flexible import from a range of files including Excel, text and p:IGI-3. You can import both modern and historical data.


Auto-linking and template support for linking on import, with full user control and intuitive user interaction.


Simple editing in spreadsheet with quality control tools, and full support for capturing provenance.


Powerful merge and de-duplication tools to allow the user to ensure data integrity with full provenance capture.


Import and use well data to provide the geological context for your geochemical data to aid discovery and interpretation.

Technical details

Metis can be deployed on internal physical or virtual servers, or in the cloud. It uses Microsoft SQL-Server as the core database. Metis also provides a series of secure, RESTful web services, deployed on Microsoft IIS, to access and upload data, however we have developed specific tools to support the user in these activities. Access control can be managed using active directory, and all communication use https.

Metis Discover is a JavaScript web application that works on Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Metis Transform is a desktop application that runs on Windows 7 or 10. 

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