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IGI offers a range of training courses in petroleum geochemistry and basin petroleum systems modelling, as well as field-based courses and training for our software. To meet the increasing demand for online provision and remote learning, IGI have developed a range of introductory to advanced level online courses. These new online courses are developed from our well-established and popular traditional (class-room) courses, the modules have been updated, modified and presented specifically for online learning. Our training options include:

  • Petroleum Geochemistry (Introductory to Advanced Level) and/or Petroleum Systems Modelling courses either delivered online on a multi-client basis, or in-person on a single-client basis, depending upon your company‚Äôs needs. 
  • Petroleum Software training to support our p:IGI and Metis software open to all on both a multi client and individual basis, held in-person or online
  • Petroleum Geology & Petroleum Systems Field Trips & Field courses held in the Wessex Basin (Dorset) and Devon, including taught components if required
  • One to One Mentoring - we can work with individuals and small teams in companies to train and assist them as part of their own project work

If you have your own ideas of the ideal training course, please do contact us and we will work with you to design and provide it for you.




 Online training courses for 2024 


Petroleum Geochemistry - 7th October 2024

Basin and Petroleum Systems Modelling - 18th November 2024

Introduction to Geochemistry - 9th September 2024

Hydrocarbon Gas Geochemistry - 4th November 2024


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