Barents Sea Geochemical Interpretation Report

This report covers the interpretation of petroleum geochemical data held within IGI's Barents Sea Geochemical Database (2015 Edition). The database has been compiled in p:IGI format from geochemical data within reports made available on the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s (NPD) website, and is available as a separate product.  It contains data for over 27,000 samples from 73 wells.

The interpretation report covers the identification and characterization of key source rock intervals, correlation of these with oils, condensates and gases in the basin, and a regional evaluation of source rock burial, maturation and uplift history through 1-D modelling of selected wells.

  • Source rock geochemistry: A regional evaluation of over 22,000 rock samples from 70 wells, considering hydrocarbon potential, kerogen type and maturity of all intervals, and selected key source rock intervals are considered for molecular and isotopic characteristics for correlation.
  • Hydrocarbon geochemistry: Consideration of molecular and isotopic composition of over 200 oils, condensates and stains to evaluate source maturity, alteration processes, and recognition of distinct oil families, prior to an oil-source correlation. The report also presents interpretations on available geochemical data for 45 gas samples from 38 wells, focusing on source identification and maturity estimation.
  • 1-D Basin modelling: Models have been built and calibrated for 18 drilled wells throughout the Barents Sea region, and results presented for both local burial/maturation history and integrated for a regional evaluation of source maturity and uplift/erosion.

The report is provided in both printed and digital formats, the comprehensive bound report being accompanied by a CD with digital copies of the PowerPoint slide sets and text report, and the 1-D models in Zetaware’s Genesis format.  The Barents Sea Geochemical Database is not included with the report, but is available for separate purchase.

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