UK & Ireland

Accessing geochemical data in the UK is not as straightforward as in other countries with more open data policies. We are currently looking into the feasibility of assembling a large UK North Sea database and will be updating our website with more information as it becomes available.

Recently IGI has accessed a large number of UK oils. These have been catalogued, sampled and in partnership with GHGeochem laboratories some of these have been analysed. Data is of excellent quality and typical analyses include whole oil GC, SARA, bulk fraction carbon isotopes and GCMS of saturate and aromatic fractions. Please see the individual product page below for more information.

IGI has also collaboratively written a regional geochemical and basin modelling evaluation of the Porcupine Basin with Collinson Jones Consulting Ltd. and OceanGrove Geoscience Ltd. The study aims to reduce exploration risk by evaluating geological and geochemical controls on oil and gas charging to traps within the Porcupine Basin. Please see the individual product page for additional information on this study.