Single-client Software Training

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Single-client Software Training


Course Summary and learning objectives

The IGI software training course aims to provide attendees with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to use our geochemical interpretation application p:IGI+. 
p:IGI+ is one of three software programs IGI offers. The course focus is on p:IGI+, but during the topics, participants will be introduced to both ig.NET and Metis where appropriate and shown how they link together.
p:IGI+ is IGI's geochemical project interpretation environment. As an example our root course would demonstrate how to:
  • Populate a project with sample and site data
  • Sort and harmonise data entries ahead of filtering data based on interpretation aims
  • Visualise project data across a range of interactive plots and maps
  • Interrogate data using statistical techniques such as PCA 
A full course would be delivered over five days and use the latest version of the software, providing a balanced mix of presented material learning, practical hands-on exercises and open forum discussions. 


Who should attend this course?

The p:IGI+ single client training courses are suitable for users that are:
  • Familiar with p:IGI-3 and wish to learn about p:IGI+ and its new functionality in order to transition over to using p:IGI+
  • New users of p:IGI+, following purchase of the software who want to gain formal instructor-led training in how to operate the application
  • Current users of p:IGI+ looking to undertake periodic training to keep abreast of the enhancements and additional features included in the software
IGI has a development commitment to ensure p:IGI+ continues to improve

Course content

Using both our online learning platform Moodle and Microsoft Teams Meetings course material is broken into a series of topics which cover subject areas such as:
  • introducing p:IGI+ and its core components
  • the underlying geochemical property model
  • the significant software features as shown in the displayed figure


Fig: p:IGI+ software course topics arranged with respect to witnessed working practices. A sample of the core features present in selected topics are shown to provide an idea of what will be covered.


Acknowledging that different companies will each introduce p:IGI+ differently into their geochemical working practice, the figure lays out the course topics in response to two commonly experienced working scenarios:
  1. A user is given or inherits a p:IGI+ project already populated with data. The user conducts interpretation with the data that is present. Periodically the user may need to import and merge new data to the active project.
  2. A user starts with a blank project. The user needs to populate it with data before conducting an interpretation and reporting their findings in external software. Periodically the user may need to import and merge new data to the active project.
The default course material, if not customised will be ordered with respect to working scenario 1.
If geochemistry software training is of interest to you, please contact us and we will work with you to design and provide a suitable course which meets your needs.

Moodle Learning Platform

  • The Moodle learning platform allows the p:IGI+ software training course to be split into topics, each covering a specific area of the application.
  • Each topic will be comprised of a series of lessons which can contain one of a number of activities such as instruction and files for breakout exercises, content delivery through a video series with accompanying resources or short quizzes to ensure understanding.
  • An example of a short lecture video is provided introducing Artefacts in p:IGI+. Artefacts are project items made to enable users to locate, view, filter, compare and interpret project data and here we provide a short introduction to each of the available artefact types: 

Please click here for a link to the video

  • Access to Moodle and all the course resources (including the software) will be given for the duration of the course and for a set duration following it to ensure a comprehensive learning.
  • This approach to software learning acknowledges that applications are often learnt through practice and that attendees learn in different ways and at different rates.


£5,000.00 (+ VAT where applicable) per company

Course duration: Software training delivered on an individual client basis can be flexible both in terms of its structure and duration, depending on any specific needs which are required.

Our suggested recommendation is 7 days (~2-3 hrs per day to allow for flexibility around other responsibilities)

Course size: max 10 Participants

This price includes access to our Moodle learning platform, live sessions, course notes and temporary access to p:IGI+ and ig.NET.


Please contact us for more information about training courses