Petroleum Systems and Geochemistry Training Courses

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IGI provides a range of introductory to advanced petroleum systems and geochemistry courses that can be delivered in-person or online, and on a multiclient or single-client basis.

Our in-person training courses typically range from 1-5 days in duration and can be based at IGI’s training facilities at our offices in North Devon, or at the client's own office. We can offer these on a multiclient basis, with a pre-defined course programme, or, on a single-client basis where we can provide a bespoke course to meet the particular training needs of an individual client and their personnel.

Our multiclient and single- client courses can also be conducted through IGI’s online training portal using a Moodle learning management system (available in Q1 of 2021). Our online courses are designed to be ‘blended’; i.e. combining pre-recorded lectures and additional course materials with several scheduled live one-to-one sessions with our expert course coordinators. Courses range from 1 to 5 days of content spread over 5 to 10 days of course duration to allow for some element of flexibility for the user. All online courses are designed and timetabled so that they can be taken stand-alone or combined with our other training programs.

In both our in-person and online courses, you will have temporary access to IGI’s geochemical interpretation software p:IGI+ and ig.NET, as well as Zetaware’s Kinex, Genesis and Trinity basin modelling software (for each applicable course).

Find out more on our multiclient and single-client course options:

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