Software Training


IGI offers a range of training courses to provide our clients with the confidence and knowledge required to get the most out of our p:IGI+, ig.NET and Metis software products. 


Our geochemistry software training caters for two types of course:

Multi-client - open to all
Single client  - designed specifically for your company’s needs


Please contact us for more information about training courses

Our geochemistry software training courses which are delivered online, comprise a balanced mix of presented material learning, practical hands-on exercises and open forum discussions.

Access to our Moodle learning platform and all the course resources (including the software) will be given for the duration of the course and for a set duration of time following it to ensure a comprehensive learning experience is achieved. 

If you have your own ideas for the ideal training course e.g. maybe wishing to combine both Metis and p:IGI+ modules, please do contact us and we will work with you to design and provide it.

Software Courses