Petroleum Geochemistry Consultancy

All members of the Consultancy Team have qualifications and/or experience in petroleum geochemistry, many with particular specialisms (molecular geochemistry, biomarkers, gas geochemistry, etc.). We advise on, and interpret, geochemical data, but we do not provide analytical services directly; however, we liaise with analytical service companies on behalf of our clients, designing and facilitating an optimal geochemical programme as required.

The nature and scope of our projects vary widely from source rock evaluation through to detailed hydrocarbon characterization (oils and gases), and from regional/basinal to license/prospect scales, including reservoir geochemical evaluation. A regional geochemical database will usually underpin any geochemical interpretation work, and this is compiled and quality assured using our Metis and p:IGI software as the first stage of a project.

We have a team of staff with diverse and extensive geochemical experience, providing us with the right skills for each project.


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