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Mrs Laura Milne

Senior Petroleum Geochemist & Basin Modeller

• Interprets geochemical data for source rock, oil and gas characterisation
• Applies basin modelling to evaluate source rock maturation, hydrocarbon generation/expulsion, prediction of hydrocarbon migration, charge volume history of prospects and hydrocarbon phase
• Highly experienced in the evaluation of the Norwegian Continental Shelf
• Proficient in the use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
• Management of IGI’s training courses (delivery of IGI’s Introductory and Advanced Petroleum Geochemistry courses)

• PGCert in Decommissioning, University of Aberdeen, 2020
• M.Sc in Petroleum Geochemistry, Newcastle University, 2014
• B.Sc in Physical Geography, Newcastle University, 2013

Professional Development:
• APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ), 2019

Selected Publications:

Garner L.H., Farrimond P. & Nuzzo M. (2017) Alternative Source Rocks on the Norwegian Continental Shelf: Potential Cretaceous Sourcing in Deepwater Basins, AAPG/SEG International Conference and Exhibition, October 15-18 2017

Garner L.H. & Nuzzo M. (2017) Source rock potential of the East Shetland Platform Area, Available from the OGA website: https://dataogauthority.blob.core.windows.net/external/DataReleases/21CXRM/Phase1/IGI.zip