Dr Dan Cornford

Statistical Consultant

Dan has many years of experience of solving problems using statistical and probabilistic methods. He has worked in areas including geochemistry, weather forecasting, engineering and geophysical modelling.

Dan is interested in working on systems approaches to complex problems, considering uncertainty and risk, using advanced (often Bayesian) probabilistic approaches.

• Ph.D. in Spatial Statistics and Meteorology, University of Birmingham, 1996
• M.Sc. in Climatology and Applied Meteorology, University of Birmingham, 1992
• B.Sc. in Mathematics and Meteorology, University of Reading, 1991

Selected publications:
Boukouvalas, A. , Sykes, P. , Cornford, D. & Maruri-Aguilar, H., 2014. Bayesian precalibration of a large stochastic microsimulation model, IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems, 15, 3, 1337-1347.

Cornford, D., Farrimond, P., Stoddart, D., Cornford, C., 2013. Extracting geochemical information from well logs, IMOG2013 (poster)

Bastin, L., Cornford, D., Jones, R., Heuvelink, G.B.M., Pebesma, E., Stasch, C., Nativi, S., Mazzetti, P. & Williams, M., 2013. Managing uncertainty in integrated environmental modelling: the UncertWeb framework, Environmental modelling and software, 39, 116-134.

Vrettas, M., Cornford, D. and Opper, M., 2011. Estimating parameters in stochastic systems: A variational Bayesian approach. Physica D, 240, 23, 1877–1900.

Schroeder, M., Cornford, D., Farrimond, P. and Cornford, C., 2008. Addressing missing data in geochemistry: A non-linear approach, Organic Geochemistry, 39, 879-886.