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Mischa Gehlen

Senior Petroleum Geochemist/Basin Modeller

Mischa joined IGI Ltd. in July 2014 as a Petroleum Geochemist/Basin Modeller. He has a BSc degree in Georesources Management from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and a MSc degree in Marine Geosciences from Bremen University, Germany. During his studies he developed a keen interest in hydrocarbon exploration and petroleum geochemistry, and was able to gain experience during several internships within the industry sector. His Master’s thesis dealt with organofacies variations of the Waipawa Black Shale in the East Coast Basin of New Zealand. The work included Rock-Eval pyrolysis, palynofacies analyses, organic petrology, as well as pyrolysis-GC and isotope measurements. The results of this project contributed to the understanding of the depositional environment of the Waipawa Formation and provided helpful information on its source rock potential.

Outside of work, Mischa enjoys travelling, playing tennis, and is looking forward to explore the Devon countryside and taking advantage of living close to the sea by getting involved in some kind of water sports activity.