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Marianne Nuzzo

Seep biogeochemistry & organic geochemistry

Marianne has received her diploma in Geology at the University of Toulouse (France), and her master’s degree in Hydrogeology & Environment at the University of Avignon (France). She worked as a hydro-geochemistry consultant for environmental impact studies in several countries (Namibia, French Guiana, and Cape Verde) before resuming post-graduate studies in the Methane Biogeochemistry Group of the University of Bristol (UK).

Following on from her PhD. research on the origin and migration of hydrocarbon fluids in mud volcanoes of the Gulf of Cadiz (NE Atlantic Ocean), she worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Helmholtz Institute for Marine Sciences - Geomar (Kiel, Germany) investigating the sources and biogeochemical alteration of hydrocarbon fluids in mud volcanoes of the West Nile Delta (E. Mediterranean Sea). She then worked for several years in the Marine Geology Department of the Portuguese Geological Survey, where she was involved in building and developing research projects into mud volcanism in the Gulf of Cadiz within Portuguese and European Union R&D frameworks. She also worked on the gas geochemistry of mud volcanoes offshore Costa Rica (Pacific Ocean).

She joined IGI in January 2014, where she has been working essentially on hydrocarbon gas and petroleum geochemistry consultancy projects for the industry. She has also become increasingly involved in preparing and delivering advanced gas geochemistry and petroleum geochemistry courses.

In recognition of the essential contribution that gas biogeochemistry can provide in assisting the industry in its transition to Net-Zero Energy, Marianne is dedicating her efforts towards the development and implementation of cost-effective greenhouse gas emission monitoring services to assist the growth of submarine geological storage of greenhouse gas (methane and carbon dioxide).

In her spare time, Marianne practices yoga, enjoys hiking, and volunteers in a local sustainable development community project.