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Andrew Green

Senior Geochemist/Basin Modeller

Andrew Green joined IGI Ltd. in 2010 as a Petroleum Geochemist and Basin Modeller after graduating from Newcastle University with an MSc in Petroleum Geochemistry. Andrew’s work with the company currently involves:

• Geochemical and basin modelling consultancy. To date this has provided Andrew with worldwide source rock and unconventional experience
• Delivering specialist geochemistry software training courses and provides software user support (p:IGI)
• Managing the companies dynamic and interactive geochemistry reference software content (ig.NET)
• Leading and assisting with geological / geochemical field trips about Devon and Dorset, UK
• Acting as a company First Aider (office and field based)

En-route to IGI Ltd. Andrew completed qualifications in Geology, BSc. (Durham University) and Integrated Petroleum Geoscience, MSc. (University of Aberdeen) and also had the opportunity to operate and run wireline tools for Schlumberger for 18months in Oman providing an interest in petrophysics.

Following a work experiencing placement with Geopressure Technology (Ikon Science) while at Durham University, Andrew was able to combine both his knowledge of geopressure and petrophysics into his Newcastle dissertation; which investigated quantitative approaches to directly measuring mudstone pore pressure across the Rossetta Province, western offshore Nile Detla.

While at IGI, apart from maintaining an interest in the relationship between petrophysics and source rock, Andrew has also enjoyed working on unconventional projects across Europe and keeping up to speed with developments in geochemical screening Pyrolysis equipment.

Away from work I spend much of my free time out exercising and training my dog (Miniature Schnauzer). In particular I have a keen interest and compete in dog agility. Other interests also include a love for cycling, growing my own fruit & veg, and cookery (inc. Baking).