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With the IGI software it is always possible to have access to Geochemistry help. Geochemistry help is provided in a special window that can always be viewed, even inside modal (locked) dialogues. We recommend starting the Geochemistry help at the start of the application and leaving this open at all times.   

Version: 1.14.0.x (Nov 2018)

Usage:  Help --> Geochemistry help...

How to use in practice

It is advisable to open the software’s Geochemistry Help module to help in finding and identifying properties across the use of the software. Geochemistry help is accessed via Help --> Geochemistry help... or use the toolbar shortcut icon on the far right of the toolbar.


 Geochemisty Help is provided to assist in finding and identifying properties which exist in the IGI property model. The Geochemistry help viewer Property description tab displays:

  • Long Name - a descriptive name.
  • Short Name - the short form of the name used widely across the software.
  • Default units - the default units of measure for the property.
  • Analysis Group - provided both the Short form and in brackets the longer descriptive name.
  • Simple equation - comprised of just property short names, provided for ease of reading so you can quickly assess whether the equation is the one you are looking for.
  • Complete equation - comprised of property short names, analysis groups, indicators, unit.
  • Equation uom - the target unit of measure for the equation.
  • Description - a textual description of the property.
  • Associated Image - if applicable an image will be provided to illustrate the property - this can be especially helpful for GCxx measured properties where an example GC trace is often provided.
  • Aliases - these are a list of strings which the property might also be refferred to by. Note the aliases have been stripped of white space, converted to lower case and has special symbols removed.
  • Associated ig.NET page - A hyperlink that will take you directly to the most relevant ig.NET page will be provided if defined.

A customised Help display is presented for .Any properties. Along with the property Long Name, Short Name and Default Unit information, a pre-defined hierarchical preference order is given.


The Geochemistry help viewer Property values tab displays the basic naming and unit information, but also the ranges used to identify atypical data (out of range values) in the spreadsheet.

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