IGI Software User Guides


The IGI software user guides are work in progress.

IGI software shares a range of common features, but also has unique features specific to each product, that address it's particular role in the exploration and analysis of petroleum systems.

Online user guides are available for the IGI property modelp:IGI+, Metis, and ig.NET. They provide coverage of the software features for the latest released version of the software. 

We also maintain a support site, where users can review frequently asked questions, post their support queries and find solutions to problems.

The user guides are provided per product, with an additional guide to the IGI data model which underpins all of our software.

GeochemistryHelp100x100IGI property model user guide

Learn about the concepts behind the IGI property model, how it is structured and how to use it in practice across all IGI software.

icon pigi 100x100p:IGI+ user guide

Find out how to use p:IGI+ effectively across a range of features.

p:IGI+ related downloads

Metis consists of Metis Service, Metis Discover and Metis Transform. These components allow you to store, retrieve and upload geochemistry data in a managed, centralised manner within your organisation.

icon metis 100x100Metis Transform user guide

Explore the features of Metis Transform and learn to use this effectively for importing and uploading data to your Metis Service database.

icon metis 100x100Metis Discover user guide

Learn how to effectively find and extract the data you want from your Metis Service database.

icon ignet 100x100ig.NET user guide

Learn about the ig.NET knowledge base and how to use it effectively.