User Group 2023

In person and online

The IGI user group ran in person over the 20-22 June 2023. This year saw a return to an in person user group, at Hallsannery in the Devon countryside. Read more here...

It was lovely to be back in person, and the meeting saw a mix of presentations, workshops, discussion, networking, social events and even featured an impromptu field trip to watch the sun set on the longest day of the year.

We covered developments in p:IGI+, Metis, machine learning, our data services and other developments ensuring the relevance of our tools and services across the energy transition. A high level summary of the key features of the user group is available here as a pdf.

If you'd like detailed information from the user group, please contact us directly at support@igiltd.com and we'll provide the full set of slides from the meeting. As decided at the meeting we will be making available version 2.3 of p:IGI+ and Metis in September 2023.

Thanks to all who attended and we look forward to seeing you in Devon in May/June 2024. 



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