Salt Tectonics in the Lusitanian and Algarve basins

IGI's  Tiago Cunha attended a 5-day geological field trip looking into the main aspects of Salt Tectonics in the Lusitanian and Algarve basins, on the Atlantic West Iberian Margin.

The field trip was organized by Geo Logica (www.geologica.xyz ), with whom IGI is also developing a partnership for thematic field trips in Portugal. 

The Lusitanian and Algarve basins present world-class exposures, including quarries and mines, that are ideal to visualize common aspects and problems that professionals have to deal with during exploration thought to development of hydrocarbons resources, and that are also critical for CCUS, underground energy storage (natural gas, hydrogen, battery systems, etc…), geothermal energy and toxic/nuclear waste storage. Observing such richness of structural and sedimentary features improves our understanding of the origin and complexity of evaporitic sequences and related halokinetic processes. Comfortable accommodation, great food and a bit of history also contributed to this great geological field trip.

TC Nov 22



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