IGI’s new Global Data Service

IGI are pleased to announce the launch of their new subscription based ‘Global Data Service’. This service provides easy access to published geochemical data in one place.

The data are hosted in Metis and can be accessed via Metis Discover in your web browser or with the latest release of p:IGI+ directly from your project file.

global data service

The database currently includes data for over 30,000 samples from more than 3,000 well and sample locations around the globe. The geochemical data have been compiled and quality controlled from various publications, DSDP/ODP reports, and other publicly available datasets, e.g. from NLOG for the Netherlands. We will be regularly updating the database with other publicly available datasets and more recent publications and are open to suggestions from users on which datasets to incorporate. Data are available for ~1,740 fluid samples, ~720 gas samples, and 27,000+ rock samples, covering bulk geochemical properties, Rock-Eval pyrolysis, biomarker, and carbon stable isotope data. Well and sample metadata, including stratigraphy, have been added where available.

Sign up for free now and see what data are available here: https://gds.igiltd.com/

If you are interested in exporting and including the available data to your interpretation, please get in contact for further information: dataservice@igiltd.com


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