IGI releases version 2.0 of p:IGI+ and Metis

IGI is pleased to announce that November  sees the release of version 2 of its flagship p:IGI+ geochemistry interpretation software. Version 2 builds on earlier releases to provide an intuitive, customised, and powerful tool for visualising and interpreting your geochemistry data. When combined with our Metis data management solution the software provides an end-to-end solution to the management and use of geochemistry data across a range of applications.

What’s new in version 2?

Full details are provided in the release notes, but highlights of the new and improved features present in p:IGI+ include:

  • k-means clustering is integrated in a new modelling component.
  • PCA has been enhanced to allow greater interaction and management of missing values.
  • Time-series are supported across the software opening opportunities for time-lag geochemistry and reservoir and production data interpretation.
  • Maps can have labels assigned to displayed sites.
  • Data import and export has been improved to provide further automation.
  • It is now possible to link to external web or file resources (e.g. chromatograms).

There are many other smaller scale improvements, new autographs, additions to the property model and minor issues fixed.

Why version 2.0?

As well as the feature improvements, we have made some significant changes to the underlying code, and data structures used in both p:IGI+ and Metis. These changes have several benefits:

  1. improved performance and scalability across the applications;
  2. easier extensibility for future software developments;
  3. opening new opportunities to integrate Metis and pIGI+.

Together these changes provide the basis for allowing the evolution of the software and associated property model to support oil and gas geochemistry through the energy transition, while facilitating new moves to support activities such as geothermal and CCS. You will notice the change in p:IGI+ as your projects will be migrated to .pigi2 files when you first open them (this is a one-off operation). These files will then be registered with Windows and will open on double click moving forward.

Metis 2.0

In Metis 2.0 you will notice improved performance and a greater flexibility when finding your data in Metis Discover. New features include:

  • Significantly improved querying functionality, adding a range of specific query types:
    • Analysis criteria – find analyses with data.
    • Data updates criteria – find recently added or changed data.
    • Geographic criteria – find data based on spatial information.
    • Measurement criteria – find data based on any property.
    • Stratigraphy criteria – find data based on geology.
    • Wellbore criteria – find data based on well information.
  • Export is significantly quicker with users now able up to 40,000 samples at a time.
  • Users can export data by selecting up to 20 properties rather than having to export full analyses.
  • Discover can be integrated with an ArcGIS or Web Map Service (WMS) to show layers on the map.
  • Bookmarked queries. Users can now save and share bookmarked queries for later use.
  • Wellbore viewer. Each wellbore returned by a query can be viewed in detail.
  • Activity log. Metis now captures queries and exports performed by users in an activity log. The activity log is only viewable by data mangers within an organisation.
  • As well as the general improved performance and scalability, the scalability of upload to Staging has increased, allowing more efficient updating of data.


IGI would like to encourage all our users to upgrade to this version which brings so many new features and improvements. We hope you enjoy using this major release.


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