IGI release version 2.2 of p:IGI+ and Metis

Dear users, we’re delighted to announce version 2.2 of both p:IGI+ and Metis is now available

The full release notes can be found here: Full-Release-Notes-2.2.6.pdf

Since the release of 2.1 a lot of new things have been added, the complete set of changes can be viewed here. Here are some highlights:


Maps: we have added the ability to style Shapefiles by attributes, and add labels to Shapefile features, along with interaction improvements.

Graphs: you can plot trend lines on graphs, for all data shown on the graph, or for each colour palette category. This works in log space and shows depth gradients on depth plots. 

User interaction: we have improved the usability of the artefact tree and windows. When you open and resize windows these remember where and how large they were when last closed. You can manage artefacts in the artefacts manager much better too.  

Metis Highlights: 

Scalability: we’ve improved the scalability of Metis when adding, editing, or deleting data. Metis now limits actions that change data so they occur one at a time. Querying and exporting data can be performed in parallel and is unaffected by these changes.


Harmonisation: data managers can now ensure text values are consistent across Metis via the harmonisation tool accessible via Discover. Correct typos, fix inconsistencies or simply delete erroneous values. Other than comment properties, most text strings can be modified using new harmonise feature.

Picture8Update History: Metis now keeps track of all data changes that have occurred in the system. See when, who and what was changed by viewing the update history via the new dashboard feature in Discover. The dashboard is only accessible to data managers. 




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