Easy access to geochemical data for the 33rd UK Offshore Licensing Round

The 33rd UK Offshore Licensing Round opened in early October this year, with over 900 blocks available across the West of Shetland, Northern North Sea, Central North Sea, Southern North Sea and East Irish Sea.

The NSTA (formerly OGA) previously commissioned IGI to compile a geochemical database for the on- and offshore UK.Picture1 The full database contains over 86,000 samples for offshore wells across all areas for which blocks are available in this licence round. To allow our p:IGI+ users easy access to this extensive dataset, it is now becoming part of our newly launched ‘Global Data Service’. This new data service, hosted in Metis, provides access to geochemical data via Metis Discover in your web browser or with the latest release of p:IGI+ (2.1) directly from your project.

Specific priority clusters and an area of interest (AOI) have been identified by the NSTA around the Mid North Sea High and Southern North Sea. The available geochemical database contains around 13,000 samples from the Southern North Sea and the AOI on Mid North Sea High, with plenty of data for source rock and hydrocarbon samples.

We can also help you getting the most out of the available geochemical data for the licences you are targeting. IGI have worked across the whole UKCS for over 35 years, helping clients to understand the hydrocarbon systems with an integrated approach of detailed geochemical interpretation and basin modelling. We are available to provide regional studies or focused prospect analysis; all as cost- and time-efficient services in time to meet the 12th of January 2023 deadline, or support you after a successful application.


Figure 1: Map showing all wells with data available

Contact us now for more information on our ‘Global Data Service’ or to discuss how we can support your licence application: info@igiltd.com


Figure 2: TOC vs S2 diagram for the Carboniferous in the SNS (right); Chung diagram for gas samples from selected fields in the SNS (left). All data shown are available in the Global data service.


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