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p:IGI: program for Integrated Geochemical Interpretation

p:IGI is IGI's geochemical interpretation environment. Seen as a key facilitator for integrated petroleum systems analysis, p:IGI allows the user to import, organise, explore, filter, plot, map, analyse and interpret their geochemical data. 

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IGI is currently rewriting p:IGI-3 from the ground up to produce a more extensible, usable and powerful version p:IGI+. An initial release of p:IGI+ was made available in Nov 2016 and new versions are regularly provided with new features and fixes to issues found. In the mean time users can still benefit from the tried and tested p:IGI-3, which remains the solution of choice for operational use. 

Which version to use?

While p:IGI+ is still under development we recommend that users remain using p:IGI-3 for their interpretative geochemical work. IGI are continuously releasing a new versions of p:IGI+  which we would encourage users to download, test and provided feedback on. We believe the most recent version will support simple geochemical screening workflows. We plan to release new versions of p:IGI+ more regularly moving forward, adding features and functionality,  but until users are happy with the functionality of p:IGI+ as a full replacement we will continue to support both p:IGI-3 and p:IGI+.

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