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p:IGI: program for Integrated Geochemical Interpretation

p:IGI is IGI's geochemical interpretation environment. As a key facilitator for integrated petroleum systems analysis, p:IGI allows the user to import, organise, explore, filter, plot, map, analyse and interpret their geochemical data. 

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IGI has rewritten p:IGI-3 from the ground up to produce a more extensible, usable and powerful version p:IGI+. An initial release of p:IGI+ was made available in Nov 2016 and new versions are regularly provided with new features. While users can still benefit from the tried and tested p:IGI-3, p:IGI+ now has more advanced features compared to p:IGI-3.

Which version to use?

p:IGI+ is now the solution of choice for working with geochemical data, and offers several benefits over p:IGI-3 including:

  • Greater flexibility, and scalability in terms of properties that can be stored and interpreted, and number of samples supported
  • Improved maps, depth and time integration, more integrated wells, statistics and PCA
  • More intuitive user interaction, undo support and more modern user interface

IGI will continue to support both p:IGI-3 and p:IGI+, but all new developments will be added to p:IGI+ only.

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