Ray McBride

Ray McBride

Petroleum Geochemist/Basin Modeller

Ray joined IGI Ltd in 2013 as a Petroleum Geochemist and Basin Modeller following his completion of the MSc in Petroleum Geochemistry programme at Newcastle University. His dissertation was a comparison of thermal maturity indicators in drill core samples of the Bowland Shale Formation from Lancashire, using Rock-Eval, biomarkers, spore fluorescence and vitrinite reflectance.

Day to day, Ray interprets rock and fluid data from well samples to build an understanding of petroleum systems, usually followed by building 1-D and 3-D basin models to recreate and predict the current state of these systems, to predict the migration paths and quantify the exploration risks.

Outside of work, enjoys rock music, astronomy, walking and discovering real ales and whiskies.

Ray is a fellow of the Geological Society of London and a member of the AAPG and PESGB.