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Akinniyi Akinwumiju

Senior Petroleum Geochemist & Basin Modeller

Akinniyi completed his M.Sc. in Applied Petroleum Geoscience with distinction from the University of Derby, UK in 2011, and joined IGI Limited in March 2012 in a Geoscience Databasing Support role on a contract basis. While working in this support role, he developed a keen interest in basin modelling and became a full-time Geochemist/Basin Modeller in October 2012.

For his Master’s thesis at the University of Derby, Akinniyi interpreted well logs and 3-D seismic datasets to build and evaluate 3-D structural and facies reservoir models (static) of the Norne field, Norway. He won the Doyle Award for the best result in Applied Petroleum Geoscience (Diploma phase) in 2011 and got a commendation for the outstanding role played in the successful organisation of London Petrophysical Society Open Day at the University of Derby, UK in February 2012.

He possesses a good working knowledge of industry standard modelling software including Genesis (1-D), TecMod (2-D), Trinity (map-based 3-D), and Petrel (3-D), and enjoys geology field studies.

Away from work, Akinniyi is an ardent follower of football and enjoys reading newspapers and technical papers on geoscience.

Akinniyi is a fellow of the Geological Society of London and a member of the PESGB and Ussher Society.